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20 Years Making IT better:

Back from the Future IT support have over 20 years solving all manner of IT support challenges for every kind of business, school, clinic or shop. Because of our broad spectrum of in-house skill sets and services from advanced cyber security risk management to component level hardware repairs to rapid network and hardware installation and Microsoft domain, Azure and 365 deployment, we can make your IT Infrastructure the most effective, secure and reliable in your industry.

WE are at the end of the phone- monitoring your IT 24/7 and waiting to resolve any issues that might crop up. With managed IT packages starting at as little as €149 per month your IT will be a cost effective ASSET rather than a looming and expensive headache!

Our Services

What Is a full IT support contract?

SLA or Service Level Agreement

No matter what happens, we are contracted to respond to any issues within 4 hours or less..

24/7 Remote Maintenance

This is a platform we run of carefully monitoring the state and heath of all IT assets ..

Managed Services

We provide an adaptable range of Office products as both Microsoft and Google..

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